Import odt file with style through API.

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When in Scribus, it is easy to import an odt file with its styles ,but looking for a way to do this with API I could not find any solution. One can add text or import an image but nothing about text or am I not looking at the right place.
Thanks a lot for any information about that.


I had the same problem and filled a bug report (feature request).

I was told that this shouldn't be hard to implement... Unfortunately, nothing happen since then...  :(


basically: somebody who is able to write script, with some fantasy and a little bit of help from more experienced people, should be able to add a command to the API...

if the command is that important to you, you could consider contributing its implementation...

the following post (and its followups)

can be helpful to understand, how to add a new command.



Of course I would be glad to contribute but the url given is of no use. Error 404.

url misspelled or too old.

Any other help would be appreciated.


ooops... i've redone the website this night...

... and missed those kind of links...

i setup a redirect this evening...

for now you can go to

... sadly, i just notice right now, that now that the single post view does not work, either...
some more work for this evening...

but, at least, you got a nice 404 error...

so sorry

p.s.: i fixed the old url schema and the Blog/ addresses show again the old articles!