Scribus and use of GIMP from within Scribus

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Hi all and thank you for your help.

Scribus 1.5.3 & GIMP 2.8

I'm a day old newbie at Scribus and have learned a lot since yesterday.

I watched a tutorial yesterday from someone who inserted an image and then edited it in GIMP. Is there a "reverse" way of Scribus using that edited image without having to export it from GIMP, close GIMS and get image again in Scribus?

Thank you so long.


hi deon

in 'settings' → 'external tools' → 'image processing tool' you should insert 'gimp' as your preferred image editor.
after that a right click on the image and 'edit image' will open the source image in gimp.
of course, you need to export the edited file, as 'save' would produce an .xcf file, which scribus can't read.
if you overwrite the old file, scribus will display the edited one.

in scribus 1.4.6 there is a bug which prevents gimp from loading the image if the program is already running – you have to quit it first. this is fixed in scribus 1.5.3...



Just to add a little to what utnik said above...

In general - not true when inline images are used, but that's a different story - Scribus maintains links to image files rather than the image actually being imported into the document. This means that when an image which is used in a Scribus document is changed by another application, Scribus will notice the change and update the image automatically. If the update doesn't happen quickly enough for you, right-click the image and choose "Update Image".


Brand new to Scribus, and finding that attempts at image editing are thwarted by the message "program gimp is missing!"

In line with advice I found in older threads I ensured that gimp (which is installed) is selected in file >> preferences >> external tools >> imaging processing tool, which it is. But when I go to "edit image" by right-clicking image or via the edit menu, I am still stopped by the same error message. Any help and advice would be appreciated.


Apologies if my previous post seems dismissive of the posts above. I was prompted to start a new thread and thought I had done so!


hi peter

if scribus doesn't find your 'gimp' application, it might be in an unusual location or the name could be something like 'gimp-2.10'.
update the entry in the preferences to the full path of the application.