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PDF Generation / Unable to select the desired ICC profile
« Last post by VV666 on May 20, 2022, 11:56:46 pm »
Hello to all,
I have to send a document made with Scribus 1.5.8 to a printer.
The printer asks me to apply the ICC profile ISO_Coated_v2_300.icc everywhere. It is already the option chosen in the "Pre-press" tab and he also wants this profile in the "Color" tab.

Here is what he sent me:
"On Sribus, in the color tab, check "use the color profile for solid colors and images" and
Choose the ISO_Coated_v2_300.icc profile with a perceptual mode rendering intent.

But here's the thing, when I do that, the desired profile is not in the list.

What can I do?
Windows / INSTALLATION ghostscript needs explaining on the download page
« Last post by skippi on May 20, 2022, 07:36:20 pm »
Hello I've come back to explore Scribus again after realising that colours were not printing too well using inkscape or Gimp

I'd like to say During download, it wasn't very clear that Ghostscript

needs to be installed first on windows before you instal Scribus.

There really could be a link surely,? Preferably from the main download pages, to highlight this

 it would save us newbies or oldbies in my case, an awful lot of time and ensure you get all the users who might otherwise have given up at this first hurdle

with love and many thanks for sharing scribus
Old topic, but still relevant in 2022. Ten years ago, I always embedded my fonts when exporting to PDF. Today, when trying to embed my fonts, Scribus overrides me and the fonts go straight to "outline". Exotic fonts? Nope. Times New Roman. Arial. I am using Windows 10. So do I have to go somewhere to buy the fonts? This is relevant because the book is in 10 point font with lots of subscripts and superscripts which are 6 to 7 point size. I've noticed my engineering textbooks from 40 years ago, and the engineering books I bought last year all use 10 point font -but theirs looks way better than what I can get with my laser printer.

Back then I was using Linux, so maybe the fonts were open source versions. I guess the fonts in Windows are for personal use only?
General Discussion / Re: Extreme slowness when deleting pages/text
« Last post by toyotadesigner on May 20, 2022, 12:53:08 pm »
I never used page references, so I don't know their function.

However, 8 GB RAM seems a bit too little for Scribus and a 120-page document. In addition, the workflow I learned decades ago was different:

01. Typesetting (writing text)
02. Text layout
03. Add images
04. Edit until you have the final version
05. Add any references

My experience: Scribus works best if you follow the logical (and old fashioned) workflow.

Beginner Talk / Re: Import PDF as images vs JPEG
« Last post by HAMUR on May 19, 2022, 04:08:23 pm »
Thanks Nermander. Good to get your thoughts on this. I will stick with PDF.
Beginner Talk / Re: Import PDF as images vs JPEG
« Last post by Nermander on May 19, 2022, 01:03:15 pm »
I am not an expert, but I would say it depends on what kind of images.

For photos I think JPEG or TIFF are the viable options (I don't think a PDF can contain other types of images than JPEG or compressed bitmaps).

For vector images a PDF is likely a better option because it more or less has infinite resolution.
Beginner Talk / Re: Import PDF as images vs JPEG
« Last post by HAMUR on May 18, 2022, 11:49:22 pm »
Hi Nermander,

Thanks for your input. Yes, I'm just talking about the preview/working page in Scribus.

The quality does seem to be better after exporting to PDF. Thus, is any quality lost from the original when it is exported as 'postscript?

In your opinion would you say that it is still better to work with images imported as PDFs rather than JPEGs?

Many thanks.

Beginner Talk / Re: How Add Inteface Themes
« Last post by scriber on May 18, 2022, 10:17:17 pm »
Seems Scribus can handle themes it founds on the system: however I still don't get how exactly it works, I have many themes under /usr/share/themes, but I can choose just few of them from Scribus preferences...

Anyway I tried to add adwaita qt theme:
(from here:

And now I can choose also those two themes in light and dark version.

Nice, a part of some issue...
When I set "Content Properties" hooked to the, so not free, Seems all scribus window cannot stay in within screen height. It's a bit strange issue: when I open scribus, its window is all contained right as expected, but if I switch to an other workspace and switch back again to the one of scribus, I notice its window a bit higher than the screen, and I can't see the part at bottom cause it ends out of screen.

I tried also after switching to some other theme and the problem disappears. Obiously it re-pops up if I set back adwait-dark theme.   >:(

The issue seems related to the content properties bar I suppose, because even when I unhook it, I cannot reduce its height. If I switch to an other theme I can properly resize it as I want.
Beginner Talk / Re: Import PDF as images vs JPEG
« Last post by Nermander on May 18, 2022, 09:51:17 pm »
Are you comparing an exported PDF or are you just comparing the preview shown in Scribus?

As far as I know, for the preview the PDF is rasterized, but when exporting to PDF it is exported as "postscript" (thus vectors).
Beginner Talk / Import PDF as images vs JPEG
« Last post by HAMUR on May 18, 2022, 04:48:22 pm »
Hi there,

I'm developing leaflets with images on Scribus 1.5.8. I've been sent the images as PDF files so as to maintain quality and resolution. However, if I compare the image imported from a PDF to an image imported from a JPEG you can clearly see that the JPEG is clearer and sharper.

Can anyone advise what is going on here and whether I should import the images from PDFs or JPEGs?

Many thanks!
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