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Installation and Setup / Re: Scribus 1.6.1 Dark Mode in...
Last post by AdmFubar - April 02, 2024, 11:05:00 PM
Did you have scribus running when making the change? if have you restarted scribus after the change? not familiar with windows version of dark mode activation but the restart of scribus might be needed.
Text and Typography / [SOLVED] Page Numbers Don't Ap...
Last post by Six - April 02, 2024, 10:43:33 PM
Hi all,

I'm in need of urgent assistance.

I have a 100+ page memoir ready for print and the last step is to add page numbers, yet they won't appear. I have read every thread I can find about adding page numbers, and despite following directions and scouring my settings, I cannot get automated page numbers to appear in my project. This problem persists regardless of the text box size; it's not simply being cut off. I am able to add page numbers on other documents, but not this specific one.

  • To add a page number, I create a text box, double click to activate the text cursor, then go to Insert -> Character -> Page Number. However, the page number does not appear. I've ensured that the text color is black.
  • All other elements in the Character tab insert and display as intended (e.g. trademark symbol).
  • When adding page numbers to a master page, the correct (#) box appears in the master page. Upon returning to the document and applying the master page to any given page, the page number does not appear. All other master page functions work as intended (e.g. I can add a text box with random text, and it displays correctly). The text frame is also there, and plenty large.
  • I've also tried using the "Sections" tab to set up numbering to no avail.

I've read official forum posts with directions, troubleshooting posts, and scoured through my settings to get to the root of this issue.
  • Under Preferences/Document Setup -> Tools, my "Text Color" and "Text Stroke" are both black, at 100% shading.
  • I've tried importing master pages from a document in which page numbering works, but the page numbers don't show up.
  • I only have one layer for this project, which is visible.

There has to be some setting toggled that I'm missing, but I can't find it. Or it's a bug. Any insight is SINCERELY appreciated; I'm on a tight deadline and this is driving me mad.

Thank you,
Installation and Setup / Scribus 1.6.1 Dark Mode in Win...
Last post by kn0 - April 02, 2024, 06:41:16 PM

I have installed Scribus 1.6.1 on Windows 11, but I cannot find a way to activate dark mode in Scribus. The various themes don't result in dark mode. Also setting the global theme setting in Windows to dark doesn't help.

Layout Issues / Re: Display previous page numb...
Last post by Z4uit - April 02, 2024, 03:00:53 PM
Quote from: Z4uit on April 02, 2024, 12:43:34 PMI like Scribus as a spreadsheet editor
Sorry, I mixed up terminology, I meant presentation editor.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will start puzzling!
Layout Issues / Re: Display previous page numb...
Last post by a.l.e - April 02, 2024, 01:51:33 PM
... spreadsheet?

hopefully not!

that would really be the worst usage for scribus!

but, yes, you should be able to apply "increment" and "non increment" master pages, then detect them from a script, and add a frame with the "slide group" number on each page.

if you want, on the master page, you can create a "non printing" frame (called "slide-number"), take its size and position for creating new frames on each page (that you call "slide-number-##") which you remove or clear before creating / filling in the script.

otherwise you can get inspiration from the (soon to be retired?) "table of contents" script

and detect the start of the new slide group by checking the styles in use.

a nice but also more complex solution : - )

the right solution would probably to add a section number... but i really wonder if that would be a good feature for scribus.
Layout Issues / Re: Display previous page numb...
Last post by Z4uit - April 02, 2024, 12:43:34 PM
Perhaps I should have been more specific about the end use, but I wanted to avoid comments on the intended use of Scribus. That being said, I like Scribus as a spreadsheet editor, as it gives me full control of placement (unlike Beamer) and good vector format compatibility (unlike Impress).

It would be nice to keep the slide/page number constant while adding/highlighting content on consequent slides/pages. Hence, I would like to retrieve the slide number from the previous page and display it using a "same slide" master page and continue numbering using the "normal" master page.

I have tried avoiding scripts up to now, but I know a bit of Python and am not afraid to try. Where should I start?
Layout Issues / Re: Display previous page numb...
Last post by a.l.e - April 02, 2024, 11:02:14 AM
my first reaction was:


after some thoughts, i guess it's about putting both page numbers on the right page, when using facing pages.

if that's what you want to achieve, then, the answer is no, you can't do that.
but it might be possible to get there with a script.

two remarks from my side:

  • when the question is about a specific (not very common) layout, it would be nice if a picture of it (even a hand drawn draft) would be attached to the post;
  • if you need help with a script, you'll need to post more details abot the result you want to achieve.
Text and Typography / Re: Article Title span across ...
Last post by Aleks100 - April 02, 2024, 10:29:50 AM
Same here.
Тhat is the way I was doing newspaper layout design 30 years ago & there's no reason to change it today.
Layout Issues / Display previous page number
Last post by Z4uit - April 02, 2024, 10:26:40 AM
Would there be a way to insert the page number from the PREVIOUS page and add it to a master page?

I am using Scribus 1.6.1 on Windows 10.
Text and Typography / Re: Article Title span across ...
Last post by a.l.e - April 02, 2024, 08:48:52 AM
personally, when i load the text from an external source, i mostly use as target the first frame with the body text.

then cut and paste the parts that belong in separate frames (title, subtitle, boxes) to the respective frames.

of course, one can also put everything in one single chain of frames and use the frame breaks to keep them in place.

i can't explain the exact reason why i prefer to do it this way, but it might be related to the fact that titles and subtitles often need to be resized (with newlines or even shortened) to fit in the available space and i don't want the whole text to move around while i do that.

all this, if in your last sentence you were speaking about one single chain not a single frame.

if the question is indeed about using a single frame, in this specific case, scribus does not allow different column layouts in the same frame (nor complex columns layouts) and, personally, i prefer to keep the flexibility of having multiple frames that can easily be aligned with the images.