Soft-proofing with RGB colour profile (RGB printer driver)

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I am trying to use Scribus 1.4.2 on Windows 7 x64 to soft-proof an image that I have created in Inkscape before printing it.

I have two printers. An Epson inkjet and a Dell colour laser. Both come with RGB colour profiles and no CMYK ones. The printer drivers do the conversion internally.

In Scribus Preferences, I have activated colour management, and ticked Simulate Printer on the Screen. I assume this will then use the profile specfied under System Profiles > Printer to do the simulation, is that correct?

However, this Printer dropdown ONLY lists CMYK profiles installed on my system so I can't choose the profile for either the Epson or the Dell.

What am I doing wrong?


If I recall correct Scribus does not support simulating printers using RGB profiles, only "true" CMYK printers.

For a printer with RGB profiles the simulation IS the RGB representation...