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I want to place text within a table. Problem is that I cannot change the height of the text within the table. In the picture you can see that the text is positioned at the top of the table. How do I lower the text (other than just pressing Enter)?

I want to use styles because a lot of text will be added.

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One basic solution would be to use the "Columns & Text Distances" part of the "Text" tab within the "Properties" palette to give each cell a gap at the top.

A problem with this is that you'll need to do each cell separately as you can't change this property on multiple cells at a time. So if you're going to be using a lot of tables it's not ideal but if you've just got the one then it's not too much of a hassle.

(From the wiki 1.5.x roadmap I see that tables are to be given a re-write so this might be something that will change in the future, perhaps.)

P.S. Changing the gap at the top of the cell (or any other gap) doesn't affect the use of styles.


hi perplexus

you could define a new paragraph style with some space above ('edit' → 'styles' → 'new' → 'paragraph style')
as garryp mentioned, reasonably working tables in scribus are still 'work in progress' – let's hope...



Properties/Shape/Top to be exact. Yes, that will do the trick. Thank you for answering.


Bit late but I have this same problem. All my text boxes are the same size, so I just save one in scrapbook. Unfortunately this doesn't preserve the paragraph style, so I get one, set the style, then copy/paste.