Where can I donate?

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I have some budget to "pay" for the tools we use.

How can we donate to the cause?


If I recall correct there is no such option, for a couple of reasons:

1. Tax issues
2. Money will not help giving the developers more time

A better solution would probably be to hire someone to work on developing a specific feature. Since Scribus is Open Source, anyone can contribute to the work.


Why aren't there more developers for Scribus? As I understand it, there are only three developers.


currently, i would say that there are about four people working on the scribus code and a few other that are active in and around the project...

and, yes, more people working on the code would be better...
it's easier (and probably more efficient) than money... but even in that regard, it iss not as easy as it could and should be to get new contribution into the code.