How to set Scribus automatically make the required amount of frames?

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Scribus on Linux Debian: how to import a full .odt book into Scribus, without adding pages ar removing extra empty pages?
As I read, first I should to specify page numbers before importing any document inro Scribus: but I don't know the actual pages quantity, and source document formatted with two pages on sheet. How to set that Scribus automatically make the the required amount of frames when importing any document?  I need create file for printing book on page size 150 x 210 mm sinle page (Facing pages 300 x 210 mm): what settings should I specify in Scribus  for Margin Guides, Bleeds?



I'm not a pro, but as far as I know there is no way to tell scribus to create as many pages as are needed to fit your imported document.
If I was you, I would make a copy of your source .odt file and change the page size to what your book is supposed to have later. Choose a font and font size that you would use in the book as well. This will only take a few clicks, but you will have a better idea of how many pages your final book might end up having.
Then set up your scribus file and when you specify the page numbers, add a bunch of extra pages to be on the safe side (especially for allowing new chapters to start on a right page and such). If you do not need all those extra pages in the end, it is easy to delet them (Page, delete, from page no... to...). Make sure to tick "create automated text boxes when you create the document. Then go ahead and import your file.

For the margins and bleeds, it really depends on the look you are going for, the kind of book you are making, the design, the amount of pages which effects the thickness of the book, .... You can look at some printed books you have and measure the margins to see what you like. You can look at some templates that people make available online. And finally, you can make a test page or two, before creating the final document, and try out different margins, print it and see how it looks on paper.


you might want to look into this, i just found it researching scripter
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