Poor image quality?

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I'm learning how to use Scribus as an alternative to Canva, which I had been using for a couple years, but I can't figure out why the image quality is so poor. The images I'm using are 4032x3024 pixels, but when I paste them in at 10% size they look extremely pixelated and ugly. If I do the same thing on Canva, the image quality is preserved regardless of what scaling factor I use. I also tried importing a logo as an eps file at300% size but that also appears blurry and pixelated. Is there a way for me to resize images in Scribus without losing resolution?


Click the image.
Press the F3 key (Image Properties)
Check the settings. If the Actual DPI is above 300 dpi, everything is ok.
Now do a Preview (Menu -> View -> Preview or the eye below the menu.
Then set the View from Normal to High (see attachment)
It might take a while to re-render the image, but it should be sharp on screen.
In the Preferences pane you can change the view to always HIGH as well.
Remember to set the export parameters to a minimum of 300 dpi — Scribus will scale the image accordingly for the PDF.

You will never lose any resolution, unless you specify 96 dpi in the PDF output. Scribus is a professional tool and not a gimmick for Internet gimmicks.


Oh I was trying to export as an image. I see there's a resolution option there.


just drag and drop the saved inkscape page (.svg)