Scribus 1.5.6 (Debian) Issues with the paragraph styles.

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Hi guys,

I am having some issues with style I created a style but this is not available in the properties and when I save and reopen the file the style is not available anymore.

Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong...  ???




Oh man... This is a trivial bug that should be addressed! I simply couldn't click on the "apply" button because the dialog window goes outside of the visible monitor area and you cannot resize it with XFCE4. Check the screenshot out!

This is my device resolution:
Screen 0: minimum 1 x 1, current 1360 x 768

My DE:
Package: xfce4
Version: 4.14

My OS:
Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid
Release: unstable
Codename: sid

My Scribus:
Package: scribus
Version: 1.5.5+svn23928+dfsg-1+b2



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yeah daniel, that's a known issue...

many scribus dialogs need to be compacted...

and, imo, the styles dialog has a few UI issues.
but that's for the long term...

if you're on linux you should be able to move the dialog with the windows key and the mouse... and then click the button.


It is ok, it is just I hadn't realized it! I am really impressed about Scribus it is going better and better at every release!