Editing text font over multiple text frames (pages).

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Hi Folks,

I constructed a 56-page document close to a year ago with LibreOffice, Scribus 1.5.2, and Mac.  Everything went fine with the print shop and ebook.  However here it is a year later and I want to change the font (typeface).  Stumbling around back then, I must have created linked left and right pages because if the text hadn't magically flowed automatically from start to end I would have remembered the tedium.

Now I have decided the change the font (typeface) in the body of the text.  After some recall, I discovered how to do this text frame to text frame (select and properties), but not to accomplish this change across, must have been linked, multiple left and right text frame pages.  I hoped the automatic flow from page to page would happen, but the selection highlight does not progress beyond one page's text frame, it stops.

Is there a feature that will allow me to select the text over the entire document's text frames and edit the font in one swoop or is it text frame by text frame?  For this small document it is possible, but what if this was a novel?




hi john

the usual (and best) way would be to change the font in the style definition. but i don't know if you worked with styles.
if you didn't, the 'story editor' (ctrl + t) is the way to go. here you can select text across the frames.

...in the future i recommend the use of paragraph styles.