Author Topic: Proper Scribus settings based on Dutch Adobe settings dialog screenshots  (Read 2373 times)


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I'm a developer at a Dutch company and a client of ours has requested that (for printing purposes) we create pdf file(s) out of images uploaded by users as part of the ordering process in their webshop. I found that Scribus has (I think) the required features and the ability to use python scripts on a headless server (correct me if I'm wrong), but I'm having difficulty translating the Dutch settings dialog of (I assume) InDesign or Illustrator into the settings I need to put into Scribus. Could someone please help me out (attached is a pdf with screenshots made by the print-shop of the required settings)...


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sorry, you are being paid for doing the job... and with my little to no dutch skills i could guess most of the settings.
what you're asking does not seem to be very hard...
invest your time or pay somebody to do it for you...

a few hints:

- simply open the pdf export dialog of scribus and click around. in a few minutes you'll find most of the settings.
- if you set scribus to use dutch as the UI language your task will be easier...
- press F1 for help, go to the developers part and find out how the scripter can export to pdf.
- switch back and forth the UI language between dutch and english (or use two computers) to know how the dutch terms relate to the english ones.
- eventually, get somebody on boat who is skilled with the DTP workflow... and she will explain you what the terms mean... (as an example the one conerning the illustrator compatibility does not make much sense outside of the adobe context)

i can confirm that scribus 1.5.3 can indeed work headless but you need to run in in (a virutal) X11/UI environment.

good luck!


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I'd say that if it is a matter of converting JPEG images to PDF, Imagemagick would be a lot easier to use than Scribus.