Commercial Printer cannot open my pdf files

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I exported my scribus sla file to pdf and sent pdf to printer but they can't open my file. However, they can open when I exported as eps format.

What am I doing wrong when exporting the pdf? I tried both using Postscript as well as pdf 1.4 Profile when exporting. Neither can be opened by the printers' Mac.

There are some errors like text overflow and image below resolution. But I can open exported pdf file fine on my pc. Help please.

Thank you.

Commercial printer is using on Macs Adobe CS5 Illustrator.
I'm using Scribus 1.4.5 on Windows 10.


Why are they using Adobe Illustrator? Doesn't sound like the right tool to use as a RIP for printing?


No idea. But managed to find the solution deep inside the forums at link below. Files can open now with text all ok but embedding of eps and pdf still undergoing checks.,474.msg2211.html#msg2211


Hi larry,

I know quite a few printers that try and use Adobe Illustrator as a .pdf editor/viewer which is in error unless they are trying to edit/correct something and have no other options.  I have no problems with my .pdf files exported from scribus when they are placed into Adobe Indesign, (not sure about Quark, but I believe it would work also) for commercial printing or even printed directly from Acrobat Pro...  Did the printer actually tell you what the errors were? or just that they could not open the file?  Actually I use EFI Fiery's command workstation software for workflow and have absolutely no problems with pdf files generated from scribus as long as the fonts have been outlined.