Author Topic: image (photo) looks fine in pdf but prints with symbols on top  (Read 1314 times)


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I have some images (3, to be exact) in a 76 page document that have printed strangely, with dark overlay and lines of white symbols on them. When I look at Scribus and at the pdf in Preview and Safari, they look fine.

Any ideas what might make this happen? Two things that I thought might make a difference:1)using rgb images in a document set to greyscale, or 2)using super high resolution images. I resolved both of these potential issues, but can't actually check it until I can get back to the print place tomorrow morning.


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Re: image (photo) looks fine in pdf but prints with symbols on top
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2015, 10:04:36 am »
hi karela,

let's hope that the workaround worked for you!

however: strange thing!

can you provide the document (if needed in private) so that the guys in charge of the pdf engine can have a look at it?

i'd need:

- the project exported from "file > collect for output".
- the original pdf you have sent to the print shop.
- a photo of the broken result.

you can upload all that in the (and mark it as private, so that only the developers can see it) or provide it to me and i'll upload it there.

have a nice day