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I have a newsletter with pictures under Microsoft word document. How do you import this file into scribus? Under the import file, I only see "get vector file" which is clickable. I would appreciate your feedback.


I'm not sure if Scribus can yet import DOC Word documents, you might have to open it in Open/Libre Office first and saves as ODT.

Second, in Scribus any text content must be inside a text frame, you can not place text straight into the page. You will need to create a text frame and them Get text into that frame.

Note though that Scribus will not import the images, it will only import the text. In Scribus text and images are separate things. If you have not understood that I think you should have a look at a few Scribus tutorials. Scribus is VERY different from Word.

Importing a vector file the way you found will import it as native vectors in Scribus.


sureal07. If after you have created a text frame, you can then go and open your Doc file and copy and past this into your text frame. However, it will not imports your layouts along with the text. But as has already been you can use OpenOffice files and there is a way to import them with your layouts. Although I have been using this for some years now, I often get confused with the "ODT" files form openoffice.

If you are not aware of the fact, OpenOfice is a free software and has some great advantages. I find the I am sent file in all sorts of formats. this programe can often open most of them. It can even open the new DOCX documents.

Wena D. Parry
South Wales, U.K.


Importing text from an ODT, as mentioned above, is a good way to get text into your Scribus document - and in certain circumstances you can also preserve paragraph styles with a bit of work - but be aware that there may be a problem with ODT files exported from Word. See this post for details: http://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,1065.0.html

The "safer" route seems to be, as Nermander first suggested, opening the DOC in OpenOffice or LibreOffice and saving as ODT there rather than trusting the Word export function. Then you can use the "Get Text" function of a text frame to import the text, again as already said.

However, if you want to start from a "cleaner" text, you can - as Wena mentioned - copy and paste the text from Word to either the Story Editor or directly into a frame.

Personally, if there isn't too much text, I'd go for the copy/paste route - possibly via a basic text editor - just to make sure there were no strange character/style issues. (Sometimes you can't be sure exactly what the copy function actually copies and it might bring something along that messes something up in the future. It might be a little over the top but at least I know that it's just text that's going in there and no hidden control characters or whatever.)

P.S. I'd agree with Nermander that you should have a look at some of the tutorials first. They'll show how different Scribus is to a word processor and you'll find things much easier afterwards.