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Good morning all. I just installed Scribus 1.4.1 to my new Mac Pro. It seemed to install correctly, no warnings, etc. It also seems to start quickly and brings me to the document setup dialogue boxes, which is great.

However, once the document is set up, and I am ready to begin, I noticed I am lacking a menu bar - the bar with "File, Window, etc." drop-down menus. The tool bars are there, but I cannot see any menu bar anywhere. I also cannot find any place to turn the menu bar on, no Options or Preferences place I can access, and right-clicking does not bring up anything in the context menu.

Any ideas? It feels a bit like an incomplete setup.


Hi Russell.

Sounds odd. What version of OS X are you using? (1.4.1 installed just fine on my Snow Leopard machine but I've never used it on Lion.)

After clicking on Scribus in the dock (once it's up and running), which menu bar do you see?

Also, did you install from the DMG, package installer, or compile from source?

One final thing that may or may not be relevant: are you using an external/secondary monitor?


Okay, just checked the OS version and it is 10.7.
I do not see any menu bar at all, just the icon-based tool bars.
I installed it from a DMG file (would that make a difference?)
And no external or secondary monitor.

I am new to Macs, though familiar enough with basic *nix concepts and with using a terminal box & command line.

Perhaps an uninstall and re-install? Are there dependencies I somehow missed that should be installed first?

Ah, if it's a problem specifically with Scribus + Lion (10.7) then I'm afraid I don't know what it could be. I know other people are using it with Lion though so maybe one of them knows something about it.

However, you should always still be able to see a menu bar (with the clock and other stuff in it) even if it's just the "default" Finder menu. I hope you don't take any offence when I ask this as really none at all is meant, but: are you aware that all Mac menus (except contextual ones) for all applications appear in the same place (usually at the top of the screen unless you've moved it), unlike some other OSes where the application menus are contained within the application windows? Sorry, I really didn't like asking that question (it sounds so patronising to simply write it) but it's little things like that which can be forgotten very easily when you're new to a different system (and you did say you were new to Macs).

I've no idea if there's a difference between the Scribus DMG and the Scribus package installer to be honest. They do things differently so I thought I'd ask in case the difference meant anything to anyone else.

For the external monitor thing I've read of problems (not specifically with Scribus) where the menu has done strange things when the multiple monitor configuration has gone wrong. But that's not an issue for you.

I'm pretty sure there is still a dependency on GhostScript but I thought that was just if you were creating PDFs. I don't see how it could make menus go missing but then again… Maybe you could try installing GhostScript and see what happens. It can't hurt, and the installation for that was a breeze, as far as I can remember.

All in all, if none of the above gets you sorted, I'd just drag your current Scribus application to the Trash and re-install it (maybe after another download if that's no trouble). It can't make things worse, fingers crossed.

P.S. You can find GhostScript for Mac here:


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