Windows 8 and fonts

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I think this may be an issues related to Windows 8, but I am not sure.

When using Windows 7, I used Segoe UI as my main font. I created a PDF and embedded the fonts. When I view the PDF using Acrobat, the text uses the correct font and I can select and copy the text.

Now with Windows 8, I do the same thing; however, my text that uses Segoe UI cannot be selected.

It is as though Scribus *always* outlines these fonts and disregards the "Embed" option.

I have other fonts that Scribus does embed and I can select in the PDF.

I have tried clearing the "Subset" check box in the Preferences > Fonts > Available Fonts screen, but still no luck.

Anybody else experienced this or have a solution? Is this is Windows 8 thing that is preventing Segoe UI being embedded in the PDF?