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I've been using the svg in Scribus because I can change the color to CMYK for printing purposes, and which became an obstacle when the svg file can't be updated automatically when the svg-files are changed on the Inkscape. Maybe anyone have a solution for me? thanks b4


Hopefully I got you the right way:

You want to import your inkscape-created svgs to scribus in order to change their colors to CMYK. Then you want to use the CMYK-corrected svgs in your layout. Later you change the svgs again in Inkscape and now you wish that Scribus accepts the changes automaticly?

If so, allrigt. As Scribus, in opposition to bitmaps, imports the svgs directly and won´t reload them later on, the usual way is barred. At least as far as I know, so there is still a chance somebody other than me can help you after reading this.

Also I do the same thing as you, but as my svgs don´t need to be changed often until now, I can live with this.

Further I think, if this would really be possible, at least your CMYK corrections were to be redone, probably also scaling and other alignments - so each change would subvert your layout. That just my 2€ on this...


hi aerostatis

i haven't seen your post before...
you can import .svg graphics direct on to a page of your layout or insert them in image frames.
the .svg files in image frames are not embedded, they are linked to your .sla document. all linked elements will be updated every time you load your scribus file.

this doesn't work in old scribus versions – afaik the possibility to load vector graphics in image frames is new in 1.4...



Little outdated but my answer is: work with CMYK in Ikscape using CMS workaround Maybe image frames is also good solution for You.