Creating new pages in ArrangePages doesn't work as in the tutorial

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In the tutorial "" I've come until ArrangePages where new pages could be allocated with dragging from the top window to the window below. This seems not to be the case with Scribus 1.4 so what do I have to do?


wyo, I've tried using the "Arrange Pages" function and it seems to work fine for me (Scribus 1.4.1 on Mac).
Maybe if you explain a little more about what's not happening as you would expect someone might be able to help.

In the meantime it's worth noting that there are restrictions about where you can drag pages which could be something to do with the problem you're having.
For example, you can only drag pages between other pages "on the horizontal". That is, you cannot drag a page to the gap under or above other pages, but only to the gap to the left or right. And you can't drag a page to the right of the page icons. (That's just "null" space.)
Essentially, you can only drag a page to a space where you see a block of colour appear when you mouse over it.

I hope some of this helps.

P.S. One odd thing I have noticed is that you can create a "Middle Page" master page when using a three-fold layout, then change to a double-sided layout and still drag the middle page master page to the document. This probably wouldn't happen in real life but it could create problems "down the line". You can also drag, for instance, "Left Page" master pages to the right side. I think this might be a bug but I could very much be wrong about that.


Sorry I'm answering so late but I've given up on Scribus since it can't handle SVG with the same pixel wide as in HTML. At least since I haven't gotten an answer so far for my question in the General forum (,773.msg3573.html#msg3573), I assume there isn't an answer. Well bad luck.


It's a shame you haven't been able to achieve what you wanted with Scribus. I'm also surprised you've had no replies to your other post yet. The forum members are usually pretty quick with their answers.

I've had a look at your other post but unfortunately I don't know much about either SVGs or HTML so I don't really understand that question.

However, and this might be a moot point if you've already moved away from Scribus, did you try exporting your SVG (using Inkscape, for example) to an EPS and putting that EPS in an image frame?

You could, perhaps, enlarge the SVG, then export it (I think you can set a DPI for the preview image), then put it into an image frame, then use the scaling tools (in the Properties palette) to get the image how you want it.

This might not be a precise or "correct" way to do this sort of thing but I've found that, for my very limited needs, I can achieve pretty much what I want with a bit of a play around with various options. (Bear in mind that, I think, Scribus only shows the EPS preview on screen so you might need to do a little experimentation to get what you're after.)

Anyway, I hope you keep looking in on Scribus to see how things are progressing. You might find it meets your future needs sometime soon.


P.S. I haven't put this reply in with your other post in case what I've suggested is a load of rubbish and other people get confused by it.