Where to put fonts installed by Scribus

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Scribus installs a bunch of fonts in C:\Programs\share\fonts

I moved those fonts to Windows' Fonts folder so that other programs can benefit from having them available, too. Can someone please confirm that this won't have undesired consequences later?

Also, I'd like to do the same for the Myriad and Minion fonts installed by Adobe in C:\Programs\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Resource\Font

However, there is a subfolder called "PFM" with three files in it. What will happen if I only install the .otf files in the parent folder but ignore the PFM folder?


To install fonts in Windows I do not think it is sufficient to just move them to the Fonts folder. (Maybe it works if you use Windows Explorer, because it will automatically install a font that is dropped in the Fonts folder?)

But at least older versions of Windows were slowed down by having many fonts installed (because all installed fonts were loaded into a font cache?), so I keep all non-Windows fonts in a separate folder and use a program called The Font Thing to install/uniunstall fonts depending on what I currently need.