What is the maximum File Size?

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Hello All,
I am new to Scribus and I am trying to make large files with svg imported data.

When I create a file size greater then 92 MB and reopen it, Scribus crashes.  I can create file sizes greater then 92 MB but as soon as I try to open it in Scribus, it crashes with a unknown error.

Is this some file size limit that Scribus can only work on small files?  The svg imports are large files that I have converted from cgm which were converted from dwg.

Any idea what is causing this?

Thanks  Richard


it mostly depends on the RAM at your disposal.

i'm not aware of any hard coded limit, but it's not a wonder that Scribus has a hard time maging it (when importing the SVG, scribus converts it to native shapes... so, all your work will be affected)

scribus is not optimized for such cases, yet.