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Hi all,
very new to Scribus but can't find an answer to this anywhere online.
I have a bunch of variable fonts (OpenType) that I'd like to use. But Scribus is only showing them in the thinnest weight. E.g. I'd like to use Source Sans 3 in 400/Regular and 600/Semibold, but all it's showing me is 200/Extralight.

I'm using the Content Properties window on my text frame, but I've also gone into File > Preferences > Fonts. I've tried adding the fonts again through Additional Paths there, but no joy. And I've checked the list; the only fonts it lists for Source Sans are Extralight and Extralight Italic.

The same issue is coming up for every 2-axis variable font I have; e.g. Montserrat only shows up in Thin and Thin Italic. I think the issue is that it's only reading along one axis, the italics; for variable fonts without an italics option I'm getting the thickness variations fine.

Anyway. If anyone can show me how to use regular old Source Sans 3, I'd be very grateful!


I have that font installed on my system. Scribus shows all the weights you want. Have you checked for rejected fonts? (preferences/fonts rejected font tab)
those weights may have errors that cause them not to show.

Also helpful, what os & version are you using?
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
Advanced hobbyist


Thanks - I've checked and there's nothing in that tab.

I'm using Scribus 1.6.1 on Windows 10 Pro.


can you please open a ticket with the link to the font and a description of the issue?


i'm not sure that scribus currently supports variable fonts (on my computer, with the latest code, i see the same issue as you), but:

- having a ticket will document the status
- will give a good example of what could be supported


Yes, will do.

For myself I've found a workaround. I'd downloaded the files from Google Fonts, which gives you just one .ttf file for all the uprights and one for all the italics. So instead I went to Github, where they give you one .ttf file per weight. (Source Sans 3 and Montserrat were the fonts I was after.) Downloaded those, put them in a folder, pointed Scribus at it: sorted.

Still, that is essentially just de-variabling the fonts! I'll file the bug report.


as far as i can tell, you have all the fonts weights also on google fonts.
they are in a sub folder.