Import HTML not coming in with <i>text</i> properly italicized

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Long time web developer, more of a novice with scribus.

Running MacOS Monterey 12.6.15, Scribus version 1.5.8

I'm getting pretty frustrated over this one. I have a manuscript that I have some custom scripting in python using beautiful soup to generate an epub. I also now have it generating a very lean/minimal set of HTML code using simply <p> and <b> and <i> tags.

But if I import this simple HTML file all of the formatting is ignored!

I've read all the various sites & things talking about how styles aren't applied right because of glyphs and other things.

But in this case I can give 100% surety that it is correct in the HTML, because I wrote the code.

I've even gone so far as to start digging into the XML of the sla file to see if I could see what's going on.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. But every time I go to import->Add text, I pick the html file, and it loads the text and removes the HTML tags, but all the italics/bolds are missing.

I'm so frustrated by this I'm about ready to write my own python script that'll just shove the HTML directly into the SLA file.

Thoughts/suggestions on how I could debug this?

Is there a better format to use?

I suppose I could export it as Markdown, but I'd rather not.


I guess this is an issue that Scribus does not really support italics or bold for any font. The only way to get bold or italic text in Scribus is to change font (preferably using a Character style, but direct formatting works too).

Not all fonts come in bold or italic versions. Most other programs create fake bold (increasing width of strokes) or italics (slanting the font) in such cases, but not Scribus.


i just had a try and loaded

<p>test <i>italic</i> and <em>em</em></p>

into a text frame: scribus asked me to pick the italic font and then displayed:


looks good to me...


I hear you it SHOULD work. But for some reason it's not working for me.

It seems like it did work at some point, so something odd must have changed in my settings.

In the end, it was actually easier for me to just write a python module that spits out the XML in the structure scribus wants and then manually insert it as StoryText into the sla file.

Hackery at its finest. But Scribus is very finicky and sometimes it's easier to just lift the hood.