The (beginners) Quickstart should be very accurate & precise in its descriptions

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Quickstart should be very accurate and precise in its description and examples, because this is where you as a beginner are advised to start learning (also by scribus) about the program

Just to tell - That there is already in the first lines and the very first example a little confusing thing: You need to find a Color Sets called "Scribus X11", but there is no such thing.
I was around  instalingl ghostscript before I found out it was just called "x11".
¤PC2 (00963).jpg  ¤PC2 (00964).jpg

Only to help you make the program more widespread by ensuring the best start for beginners and as a thank you for making this program available for free. I think this is the program I have - without knowing it - been looking for for a number of years


That page has not been updated since 2012 according to the version history. I guess it would have been a good idea if it had included what Scribus version it was written for.