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What I try to do is creating a magazine, scribus is increadible! Thanks to all developers. For all my 'problems' I can find a solution. Only one I can't seam to resolve.

In a fasing pages layout, the first page is on the right and the last page will be on the left.

I would like to have a wrapping background over these geat distance pages. This would be the cover of the magazine.
Is this possible? Or how do professionals do this?



I dont see an obvious way of doing this other than creating the cover (and inside pages) separately.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.5
Advanced hobbyist


you can do that.

but as AdmFubar suggest, it's probably better to layout the cover for print in a separate document (or as the first page with double width: yes, you can set the size of single pages).
and let the print shop handle this. (or first ask them how you can provide this type of cover page)


Turn the double wide pages into a graphic then duplicate and crop as needed to fit on the two pages


Thanx, great input! I am sure I get the desired output now.


I think the best solution here depends on how you intend to print the magazine.

While splitting the image across two pages may work, the final result will depend on the impositioning for the printing spreads.