Formatting Blank Lines in Text Frames

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I'm new to Scribus, and I haven't used a program like it for a long time (like since the PageMaker days.)

On a Mac using 1.4.8 since it's stable.

I'm trying to set up a 2-column document where text in both columns needs to line up but some blocks or text are longer than the others so it's fiddly. (I'm setting up English writing on one side and a Spanish translation on the other for something for my classroom)

I want it to be 10-point Times New Roman on both sides. I have set the default in the Preferences pane for this.

What I'm finding is when I add lines to either text frame in Story Edit Mode, the lines I add by pressing Enter are still being added in 12-point Arial which is offsetting the formatting I am trying to so since some of the empty space is already 10 point. I try to change it and I don't think it is changing.

I suspect this is a "things are different now and also this is a new program" problem, but what am I missing to make the whole thing 10 Pt TNR and just let me line everything up as I need to?


            x              (x)                    Most likely cause is the style for that two column text box is set to the default. While you applied a local change to the visible text, that formatting is stops there and reverts to the default style. Click the on the two column text box and press the F3 key to open the Style Manager dialog. select the default paragraph styling or the default character styling and make adjustments there. You may want to start with a blank two column text box and set the parameters first and not have it revert again if you or scribus happens misapply the formatting.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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