Globally setting tab stops, indents, and margins?

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How can I globally set tab stops, indents, and margins for the entire document?



with "globally" you just mean for the whole document, right?
For the margins you would go to File/ Document Setup/ Margins&Bleeds. Look around there for other helpful things to set up for your entire document.
In regards to tab stops and indent, you would set that up through the Styles you are using for your text. Go to Edit / Styles and start creating styles for the different types of text you have (headings, regular text, quotes, ...). There are some good tutorials to understand about styles. If you want to use the same tab stops and indent for every kind of text and every style, you can make one style where you chose those settings you want and then duplicate that style when making a new style, so you don't need to set up tab stops and indent again.
Hope this anwers your question