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I'm working on a book with 17 chapters, each of about 15-20 pages, with about 10 footnotes on each page. That's getting on for 3,000 footnotes...

For me, the idea of using Scribus is so that I can have paper books produced by a commercial digital printer (... and at some point I'd like to end up with an e-book too, with the footnotes hyperlinked as in a Word document, but that's for later...)

The master document is in .docx but I also have good versions in .doc and in Libre Office .odt

I've tried importing the .doc and .odt versions using File > Import > Get text > Importer > Automatic / Word Document / OpenDocument Text Documents / OpenOffice.org Writer documents.

Importing a chapter from .doc gives me all the text, including the footnotes and the footnote numbers in the text. However, all the footnotes are piled up at the end of the chapter, and none of the formatting is imported.

Importing a chapter from .odt gives me the formatting, although it's a bit chewed up (additional lines inserted between each para, etc) but it doesn't give me any of the footnotes, or the footnote numbers in the text.

Is there any way to do this in Scribus, apart from spending a couple of weeks re-doing all the footnotes by hand?
Or maybe there's a better way to get the Word document into a format that a printer will accept?


Is there any specific reason that exporting to PDF directly from Word is not an option?

As far as I know all newer versions of Word can export to PDF.


That's a good question .... that's a very, very good question!

It looks as if all I need is Microsoft Word itself, and Adobe Acrobat Pro to make sure the fonts are embedded.

I think you've probably saved me an awful lot of hard work.

I'm going to see if I can make a cash donation to Scribus; or if not (since I don't see a way to do this via the "Contribute" page at https://www.scribus.net/contribute/, then to some other deserving cause.

Thank you!