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Hi everyone,

Running Scribus on an Asus laptop running Windows 10 with a second screen. I keep it on my remote screen so I can use the laptop screen for other apps.

However, whenever I open Scribus, while the work screen pops up on the right, the Layers Manager Window and Properties Manager Window both appear on the left side of the laptop window.

Is there any way to shift the default location of these to the right side of the remote screen?

Thanks in advance!!!


I'm guessing an answer here...

I think window positioning might be more an OS function that an application function

My guess is that the OS may tend to remembers the position of each application window
Scribus uses multiple windows - main text, f2 & f3 palettes are all windows, Text Editor window etc
I THINK, but don't know for sure, that each window is positioned as an +/- offset from 0,0 of the primary window
so the OS likely "sees" a 2 screen system as one large screen, with windows offset from 0,0

I find I can dock the f2 & F3 palettes beside the main Scribus window and switch between f2 & f3 with a click on a tab

I've found curious behaviour when my system sleeps.
On screen dim, after a while the extension screen auto-powers off
When that happens, on wakeup I find all windows are relocated to the main screen & the extended screen is empty
- probably caused by the loss of power for the 2nd screen

If I wake up before that auto-power off, all the window positions are maintained.


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Scribus v1.5.8 64bit on both
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