Drop Caps with Baseline Grid Not working properly?

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I'm very new on the Scribus Software.

Again, I think, another problem related with working with Baseline Grids.

While applying a Paragraph Style with Drop Caps aligned with Baseline Grid this error occurs (see first image). The second line of text overlaps the Drop Cap. Or I'm doing something wrong?

What should happen is as shown on second image.

Otherwise Baseline Grid as no purpose... ::)

Any thoughts or ideas? Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you. Best regards,


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hi sigla

your problems are related to your 'non standard' use of the baseline grid.
drop caps don't work correct with fractional baselines. this is a known limitation – see this bug report.

in your other post you used quarter baselines, wich produce the problem.
as i often work with half spaced baselines, i can't say there's no possible use for an even higher split grid. but at the moment i don't see a real use case for quarter baselines...

if you work with a standard baseline grid, your issues should be gone.




Many thanks for your reply and help!

Thing is, it suits me work with submultiple Baseline Grid but, if in Scribus there's no solution? It is what is is.

Working with submultiple allows me to define a suitable Lead for a Title or Subtilte in another Text Size. The Auto Lead sometimes gives a lot of space in the defined Baseline allowing me to push the second or next lines up, allows aligned.

I know this an OpenSource Software made by the effort of so many people (I guess) but in other platforms (paid ones) this doesn't happen, like in the attached image I sent previously. I wonder, as a sugestion, why the code of Scribus doesn't allow the same? As much, in the Style Paragraph, defining the size and distance of Drop Cap select too another typeface.

Well, again, thanks for your help. I just need to adapt to what is possible  ;)

Best regards,

Nuno Ribeiro