Image Frame > get image greyed out.

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Sometimes when I right click on an image frame to "get image", its greyed out and I notice a crescent appear in the top left corner of the image frame.

Any ideas whats happening here? see attached image.

[attachment deleted by admin]


the crescent is related to the edit mode on image frames.

but i could not see how you can get it on a frame that does not contain an image...


Ok I figured out how to replicate this issue.

First have a text frame and an image frame on your document.

While the cursor is inside the text frame (typing text), right click on the image frame directly. (it only happens when the cursor is inside the textframe first).


i've filled a ticket:

it's not really a big issue... once you know how it happens. but it would be nice to see it fixed...

... and it was my longest bug title ever : - )


Thanks for submitting that -  I should probably setup my own account.

I noticed there is activity on the github issues page for scribus:

Do you know if this monitored by the dev team?

Im assuming the mantis one is the preferred system?


the team does not monitor the tickets on github no.

but i do and normally copy the tickets to mantis when they are relevant.