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I would like my text to be all visible within a (big enough) pentagon. But last pieces of it go into overflow instead (see screenshot, and given sla).

The pentagon is a Scribus Shape with 5 corners, rotated, then converted to text frame. The text paragraph is vertically aligned to the bottom, with plenty of space overhead to display the short painting title... but still it goes into overflow (depending on a combination of font size and/or bottom margin).

Is there a way to ensure this text goes "up" in the available frame space instead of overflowing ? I don't want to fix it manually looking at a working font size/margin combination... as I'd likely have more than a hundred such elements in final document.

The picture, if wanted, can be downloaded from https://openaccess-cdn.clevelandart.org/221.1922/221.1922_web.jpg, but it's not needed to test the attached SLA.

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in the given case, i think that i would do a manual adjustment anyway (by adding the end of lines).

this having been said, i have opened your file with 1.5.6svn and -- after having replaced the fonts because some where missing on my system) i get what is probably the correct result.

so, there is hope to get the right thing with no or little tweaking...

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hi berteh

looks like a bug with bottom aligned text in non rectangular frames. (might not have been tested before...)
if you set a text distance from the bottom, the entire text is shown. (in my test 1 mm was sufficient, but it may be different for you, as i don't have your fonts.)

could you file a bug report, please!


edit: i didn't see ale's post, but there seems to be a problem worth looking at. (maybe not for your file, but to prevent problems in future cases...)