Image Quality loss after resizing

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I try to follow Scribus advices, and I resize my images (iin GiMP) to fit the image frame in Scribus, in order to win some Mo in file size.

I keep the same resolution, I  tried to resize o the same size of the frame exactly or a little bit larger. Whatever I do, the new image blurs when imported in Scribus.

If I do not resize, the document is huge in Mo, but images are correct. Unfortunately, images are in JPG from photo camera, in good resolution.

I attache two files, one original, the other resize to fit the frame; it seems to be OK, but when I import in scribus, the "resize" one is completely blur

Thank you for help

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Check your PREVIEW setting, right click on the images frame to find them and set to the quality preferred, they will print as expected no matter what is displayed


thanks, exactly this problem...I must have think of that.