Adobe Illustrator registration color in scribus

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hello! i have been using scribus 1.5, i use it for my screen printing company, pretty much solely to print separations from illustrator, which i run in wine. its the only thing in linux i have found that does it. i have found that printing seps from illustrator in wine has not been possible this far, the wineps driver generates something like 4000 extra lines of postscript code, which will crash at print time. so anyway i have several issues, but i will start with this, when i import a file in from illus. usually its two layers, a layer with spot colors and a layer with underlay white, i use my own registration marks, which in illus. i make in registration color. scribus has been opening my .ai file fine, also importing the separate layers. but it changes my registration colors to another spot color in my design. does anyone have any ideas. is there a color i can make in illus. that will print across all plates? also why does it shrink my page size? thank you.


First I don't know Illustrator at all. But how you use registration color in it? Do you use CMYK color or native Illustrator definition for registration color?
I guess registration color can be semi-automatic dynamically generated color without definition outside of Illustrator. If you generate separation in AI it is printed on every plate, but when you export to eps file it becomes unknown spot color. In fact it may be AI issue, not Scribus, as AI should export objects with registration color as objects with 4+100% CMYK color plus additional objects with all spot color used in your project.
As workaround in case you don't use spot colors you can define crop color as 4*100 CMYK.

You can submit report with this issue in Scribus Bug Trucker
Upload your file from Illustrator with yours cropmarks. We see what we can do with this.


I check this.
This is Illustrator problem.
I ask my fiend to generate from Illustrator EPS file with registration color, also I have made same in CorelDRAW.
After importing both files into Scribus I have been generate PDF file.
This file I import into CorelDRAW and result is in objects from Illustrator EPS registration is converted into pure CMYK black (0,0,0,100), objects from CorelDRAW are in registration color.

But I report this issue as maybe we can do something with this magic Adobe eps style.