Anchoring images to text

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Is there a way to do this?

I have a block of text in a text frame and I want an image next to a particular paragraph such that, if I change the copy at all, the image will stay with the paragraph.

Say, I add a line or two of text at the top. This bumps the copy down a little but the image stays fixed in-place to the frame, rather than the copy.

This means even the smallest copy change (say, when proofing and discovering an orphaned word at the top/bottom of a page) requires repositioning every graphic in all linked the text frames (which might be many pages worth).


no, scribus does not yet have this feature...


It appears to me that there is a half-a-way to do this, for the record,
but it is not a complete fix.

That is to put the text that goes with the graphic in a text box
all by itself, not dynamically linked to any other text boxes,
and group that text with that image.

To go farther than this means that you are composing and revising extensively
directly within Scribus, rather than merely using it as a layout engine for material
already composed. And in this case, you will _inevitably_ have more
layout revision to do after you do the text revisions, and yes, one
orphan fixed can screw up all the rest, particularly when
all of the text is in one series of dynamically linked text boxes
on many pages.

In the case where I am composing directly in Scribus, I just make
sure that where the text and images must relate, that the text
is broken up into separate, unlinked text boxes, so that the text won't
get pushed away from the image by editing the previous text.
I also leave lots of temporary white space, even entire blank pages,
in the Scribus file, to leave room for the material to grow in revision,
and since the pages are not all linked together into a continuous
series of dynamic text boxes flowing from one to the next,
it is easy to add and delete pages. Working with right and left
master pages, I have to always add and delete two or four pages at a time.

The only real problem that comes up for me is foot-note management, that's
another issue. The bottom line is that it is much easier to place pre-composed
material into Scribus for the first time, than it is to revise that material
within Scribus.