on creating a new scribus help

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the current help is more like a manual and is not free for every usage (and for that reason most linux distributions put it in non-free and do not install it by default with scribus).

i think that we need a new manual that better focuses in being an help for the scribus usage and does not try to teach everything about DTP.
since it should be free enough that it can always be included with scribus, we can't build upon the current manual.
(but we can build it upon the flossmanual: http://booki.flossmanuals.net/scribus-2/about-this-book (which is licensed under gpl and cc-by-sa))

it would be wonderful if somebody could create a good structure for a new manual... any volunteer?


Basically and list of Scribus functions and a short description of what they do, brief on how to use and maybe a link to more details (Wiki, Manual, FLoss )?


yes, something like this.

my first goal would be to create a TOC and guidelines on how to fill the content.