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Hello,i am creating some children book, and all the pages are double spread, (image on two pages). so far the only way i found to preview them correctly is to export the pdf with some display option, but it does not work on every pdf viewer.  As i don't know where and on what people will look at my pdf, i would like to merge all the pages, except the first one (cover) and the last one.

is there any way i could do that ?

I have seen some solution involving latex and some scripting, but i would like something a bit more simple.
I have been looking for some tools, but most of them are just merging documents together, and not pages.

thanks for the help.


hi iswuma,

welcome to scribus!

i'm not sure, i fully get your question.

when you create a document with "facing pages" layout, you can easily place images accross two pages (with some tweaks i think it also works with bleeds).

if you have created your document as a "single page" one, you can change the layout in "file > document setup > layout".

does this answer your question?



hi, thanks for the answer but it does not answer my question.

my question is about the export to a pdf format. I would like the pdf to be always like what you see for the 'facing page' document.  When exported to pdf, this is always on a single page. I would like the pdf to be as, each facing pages on a single page of twice the width, and the cover on a normal page. then the viewer would not have a split image to look at on a single page. it would be as if you were looking at a real book.

I know this is not possible to do such thing on the export, which is a shame because i don't thing it would be difficult... ( is there anyway to push that request ? )
so my question is how can i modify the pdf afterwards ? to stitch the pages together on the exported document.



pdf viewers do a bad job at showing facing pages correctly.

there should be command line tools for linux that do what you want and i guess that some of the professional tools can do that.
not sure that pdfsam or pdftk in their free version can do it.

you can alse create a new version of your scribus document, where you enlarge every second page and copy paste the to be deleted page into the right part of the larger pages...

no idea if your readers will like reading a document with variable page sizes...