Scribus 1.5.5 on macOS Catalina

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Last week I purchased a new (used) iMac with Catalina. Installed Scribus 1.5.5. It runs smooth and flawlessly. Though I don't like the GUI, I think I will get used to the new GUI layout soon.

One thing I noticed: Setting up the preferences doesn't seem to work: When I start Scribus for a new document the settings differ from the ones defined in »Preferences«.

With the 1.4.8 version on El Capitan I could open an existing document by double clicking it. This feature is gone: When I double-click a Scribus file in finder, Scribus opens with the Document Setup Menu, but not with the selected file. However, when I right click a file in Finder and select »Open with« Scribus, the document opens fine.

I don't know whether this is a minor glitch of macOS or Scribus. Nothing I worry about at this moment because I can use it and it seems to be stable enough for production purposes.

Thanks to all the developers who made this possible!


as far as i know, you're the first one reporting this issue for scribus.

i've read of a very similar or same issue for inkscape:

would you mind open a ticket in the bug tracker?



I tried to log-in, went through the registration, but the system doesn't let me in.


Now I could log in and submitted the issue.


I joined because I saw this post.

Having set my Preferences - for example the margins (which default to 14 mm ish), I set 10mm all round.

Shutting down and reopening lost my changes.

I don't know whether the OP managed to get it sorted.


No, I couldn't fix it, still having the problem with the preferences. I hope that the next release will have it fixed.