Can't paste from LibreOffice to vector anymore

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For the last several years I've been doing this to get tabular data into Scribus: Format data in LibreOffice Calc, highlight the table, Ctrl-C, click into Scribus, Ctrl-V, and drag the scalable object of the table where I want it. Now I'm not getting anything when I paste. If I paste into a text box, I get the unformatted text only.

Edit to add: running it from a command line doesn't show any errors or messages when pasting, either.

This not working has really messed up the efficiency of my workflow. What did I break? Is it a change in Scribus, LibreOffice, KDE, ????

Thanks for any insights!

Scribus Version 1.5.5.svn (Portage ebuild)
27 December 2018
Build ID: C--T-F-C1.16.0-64bit
Using Ghostscript version 9.26
LibreOffice (Both Portage ebuild and precompiled binary)
Gentoo Linux (current)
KDE 5.57.0
QT 5.12.3

Also tested not working (but only after my regular Linux setup stopped working, so not sure if it ever did):
Scribus 1.5.4
LibreOffice 6.2.4 and 6.1.?
Windows 10


works here on debian with a somehow current build from master (and LO in "plain" X11 environment...

from what i've sen by doing support for scribus, it seems that drag and drop and copy paste work or not depending on the environment around scribus...

but i have never seen somebody being able to fix (in a reproducible way)  a failure of this type...

but you could try an older version of LO, if the issue comes from there...


Thank you for the reply!

I forgot to mention before, I also tried the Scribus AppImage. Since the post I've also tried current SVN.

I'm pretty sure it's a problem with LibreOffice or KDE's klipper clipboard.

I'll try reverting LO to Thanks for the suggestion.


Reverting to LibreOffice corrects the problem.

LO and (The two most recent official releases.) exhibit the problem. Filed bug report with LibreOffice (

Thank again for the help!


i've also opened a ticket in the scribus bug system to track this issue also on our side...

thank you for testing and reporting!