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I have a PageMaker 7 (.pmd) file that I have opened in Scribus 1.5.4. It has guides that do not show. Is there a way of getting them to show exactly as they do in PageMaker?

Also, as a side note, I have text boxes that have an 'x' in the bottom left corner obviously indicating hidden text. How can I automatically have it resize to fit its contents without physically having to do it every time?


a- if the guides are there, you can "turn them on" with "view > grids and views"... but that should be the default
a2- if the guides are not there, it's probably a bug: can you upload the page maker file to the bug tracker ( ; if you mark the ticket as private, only the developers will see it)

b. the x in the bottom *right* corner indicates overflowing text. i don't know of an automatic way (that works) to make it longer, but it's not that hard to
ba. create a frame that is long enough (shift-click while in "create text frame mode", will create a frame that fills the area inside of guide and margins)
bb. pull the lower margin to a guide or margin.
bc. there is an "adjust text frame to height" but i really don't know what it should achieve: i've tried it out and it just changes the frame height a little bit...
bd. a long time ago, i've written a script that would fix the text frame height... but is it worth to start a script for that?