First page is no longer on right after export to "Save as PDF"

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I created double-sided .sla.

The first page appears on the right in the .sla.

All middle pages (before the last page) are two-sided in the .sla.

The last page is on the left in the .sla.

This is what I want.

But I export to Save as PDF...

...and in the PDF all of the pages are side by side.

So printers I've been to recently can't print the booklet as a proper folded booklet.

I am able to generate a PDF in which all the pages are single consecutive pages. A tiny printer in Grass Valley California once took a PDF like this and used InDesign to get the first-page-on-right and last-page-on-left setup. But I'm not in Grass Valley and can't get there. And I don't know what he did. I do have InDesign and Adobe CS6. I don't have Acrobat. Just Acrobat Reader.

This is for a wedding and I have to catch a flight tonight. If I can just get the PDF ready, I can print when I get there.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!!!


you might have a look at the viewer tab in the pdf export options...

but, normally, scribus just exports the file as is shown... so it might rather be a setting in your pdf reader...

personally, i never had any issue there, the printer will (afaik) ignore that setting anyway and print it the way you ask for...


Probably too late for the OP but as a.l.e. has stated, with Foxit Reader a 'Separate Cover Page' button puts page 1 on it's own on the RHS but is just a viewing option.