Thumbnail, Picture etc for the Headings.

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Googly Googly

In a book for curriculum of schools we have to include various thumbnail at every major heading and subheading, intext question, terminal question etc. The place of the thumbnail is on the left of the heading. The heading will look like - Thumbnail+Auto number/bullet+Heading. All the headings of same level/type must carry the same thumbnail. Is there any automatic way to have those thumbnails there in Sribus? The size of the thumbnail needs to be adjusted, the text must appear in the middle line of the thumbnail line. I am attaching a pdf of how it looks like. There are two such thumbnails in that pdf. It should be possible to put not just thumbnail but any picture.

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I would put the titles in the scrapbook.

- One item per icon + 1 item for the title or
- One item with icon and title for each icon or
- One single item with icon and title and then you manually put a different icon...

... depending on how often each icon shows up...

Googly Googly

You reply is too short to make out any real time solution from it by me. Found out where the scrapbook is located. Opened. Added thumbnails, textbox to it. Inserted a thumbnail and the textbox in the document and tried to weld them to keep them together. Yes, you did not tell this welding business but I tried to play around to get feel of the scrapbook. However, please elaborate. Thanks in advance.


you can't 'weld' things in the scrapbook, but if you add a collection of items, the whole collection will be stored (and re-inserted) as a single scrapbook item...