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New here. I did a search on the web and also in the forum and didn't find an answer, so if I missed it let me know.

How do you scale/rotate both an image and its frame at the same time? I can scale/rotate an image within the frame, and scale/rotate the frame while the image stays the same size, but I haven't found anywhere instructions on how to scale or rotate a frame with an image in it at the same time. I know there are workarounds, but these are simple operations. Every other publishing software I've used has this, so I can't imagine Scribus doesn't have a way for you to do it. Am I just missing it somewhere?

I've tried Ctrl-clicking and drag-and-select them at the same time.

I'm attaching some examples of the frame-with-image and how it isn't working.


Answer provided by a-l-e in the IRC channel. And thanks to jluc for additional help!

Select the frame with the mouse, then hold <Alt> while dragging the corner frame anchor. The image will scale at the same time. To scale and keep the same proportions, hold <Ctrl>-<Alt> while dragging a corner frame anchor.

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I've always used the "Adjust Image to Frame" option.

Select the image to adjust, right click, in the popup menu select the "Image"  item, in the sub menu the pops open select the "Adjust Image to Frame". Once that item is set you can simple grab any of the resize elements for image and it will resize and scale at the same time. No need for the "Alt" key. you will need the "Ctrl" key to scale proportionately.
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This works for a regular image frame with a regularly-shaped image that is already pre-cropped. If you adjust the frame to only display a part of the image (my original attached examples show an extreme version of this,) then every time you "Adjust Image to Frame," it will destroy your crop adjustment. For example, even using a circle or other shape as an image frame (or having an image inside text, or what have you,) when you "Adjust Image to Frame," you'll get a tiny version of your image that fits within the smallest boundaries of the frame.

In this case, you need to use <Alt> or <Ctrl>-<Alt> to scale/rotate both the frame and the image at the same rate.