Download and unzip, now what?

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Sorry this is such a dumb question but I've downloaded Scribus and unzipped but there is no clear icon or exe file I can find to get the program going.  WHAT am I missing??

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the link!

I downloaded scribus-1.3.9.tar and then was prompted to download 7zip .  Is this a total screw up?  Should I unistall all these?


7zip is usefull sometimes, but has nothing to do with scribus. it's only to open the .tar archive – you've been advised to download it because in your operating system there was no standard application selected for this archives.

there is no reason (or i don't know any...) to install 1.3.9 – use 1.4.0.rc6 instead! it's the new stable release. (at least almost – there is still one bug that blocks the final 1.4-release.)



I think the TAR file is the source code for Scribus, only needed if you intend to compile it yourself.

If you are on Windows you should download the Windows installer (and that is an EXE file).