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Dear Scribus community,

Many of you have probably noticed that the Scribus' icons set could need some care!

If you are skilled in icons design and want to do a substantial contribution to the Scribus project, you're kindly invited to get your hands dirty and create a new icon theme.

We ask you to submit a proposal with 10 to 30 icons in one single PNG file in this thread of the Scribus forums.
You will probably want to add a description of your work.

The deadline for submitting your proposal is November 30 2011.*

Members of the Scribus team and of the Scribus UI group will then choose one proposal and ask its author to work on the full set.

Here some general considerations:
- The new icons will be for Scribus 1.5svn.
- You can get all the current icons by checking out the Scribus sources from our subversion repository and going to the scribus/resources/icons/ directory.
- You should create icons in different states (on, off, hovered) and at different sizes (16, 22, 32 pixel)
- In the spirit of free software, we also welcome designers who are open to a cooperation with other  participants of the contest and achieve a full set of icons for Scribus.

For questions and general comments, please reply to this email in the Scribus mailing list or to this post in the Scribus forums.

Happy drawing!

P.s.: on November 7th the deadline has been extended from end of October to end of November 2011


Dear Scribus community,

Here some additional information:

- We won't be very strict with the rules! They are there to give you an
  idea of what we are expecting!

- About the number of icons to be submitted in the proposal: it's up to
  you to decide how many you want to submit. Also, the number we
  suggest is not about unique icons but the total of icons, some of
  them being the same icon but in different states or sizes.

- The icons will have to be provided in SVG files which can be
  transformed into PNG by using free software tools.

- The contest is about the icons in the Scribus GUI and not the logo of

- This thread is for people who want contribute themselves icons and
  have questions about the contest. Please don't hijack it!

Happy drawing



I propose extending the deadline another 30 days (with the added benefit of addional publicity surrounding such a move) given that the forum thread has been locked for the first 24 days.

I've got some icons brewing but I need more time :)


Anyone know how I can enable 22x22 icons in the Scribus UI?
Right now I'm only seeing 16x16.

Also...where has Tango gone?


My icons are for Scribus

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@yakila: I really like the icon for Preflight Verifier  :). Traffic lights make sense.
BTW: I'm not able to download view.svg. Maybe you have to re-upload?


The SVG worked fine for me (I did not download the ZIP).



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The deadline has been extended to November 30, 2011.

Have fun!


So, here are my suggestions for the most prominent icon issues in the application. I've concentrated on the permanently present icons in the main tool bars but I'd very much like to continue my work on the remaining icons, probably starting with the ones in the text editor. (tracking, small caps, all caps etc)

The main idea is to group related icons by color to lessen the massive "wall-of-icons" impression that newcomers may experience. Now, I might have gone too far but at the same time some grouping is better than the current situation. As a bonus, the text icons really look neat on a dark menu background as well.  :)

1. All icons for entering some kind of (content, text, image, table, render-frame) has a blue hue.
2. PDF-icons have some kind of red hue which can be associated with the use of red colors in the Acrobat PDF viewer.
3. Drawing icons (will) have warm tan/yellow hues, like the existing freehand, caligraphic, measure)
4. I'll probably copy/redraw most other icons from the current GIMP set, improving wherever necessary.

So this is 12 icons re-hashed or redrawn from Tango and 1 original (measure), I hope they can be of some use. I'll certainly continue my work on these and will probably complete the concept some time in jan/feb with an update right after christmas.

Finally, as you may see from the mock-up, I also suggest using de-saturated or paler versions of the icons as identifiers on all the different types of frames. At least with the PDF-elements, they all look exactly the same now and are quite confusing to use unless you have the Outline panel open at all times.

Edit: Source SVG added.

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Quote from: JimmyVolatile on November 30, 2011, 10:49:39 PM

on a dark background do not see  "insert line"

I like calligraphic line icon


What is the status of the Scribus Icons Contest?


we have a jury of three persons and they are giving their opinions...


... and the jury plans to take a decision at the upcoming libre graphics meeting in wien...