CMYK colors are not displayed correctly

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I am a new with Scribus and so far is everything clear. I just have problems with one thing, CMYK colors. In Scribus, these colors are very dark and also in the PDF output.

I get with Inscape, Gimp and LibreOffice with the same CMYK values ​​the same colors. See the appendix "gimp.png". With Scribus I get a much darker color also when printing as PDF.

What I am doing wrong? Colormanagment is activated and placed on CMYK. How can I make it right that the colors are shown correct? Also in PDF's?


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hi swunder

your gimp screenshot shows a color in rgb (#1173ff), while scribus simulates the printer output of a real cmyk color.
this gimp color isn't printable in cmyk process colors!
the subtractive color space (cmyk) is limited and dull compared to the brilliant light of the additive color system (rgb) of your screen.

if you define your colors in rgb and disable the simulation ('file' → 'document setup' → 'color management' → 'simulate printer on the screen'), they will look as brilliant as in rgb applications like gimp. (but the output in cmyk wont...)