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I've noticed that working with frames and images could be improved a little.

1. Currently scaling of image is done using top left point. As it's not possible to scale it using "virtual frame"to freely adjust image (like in ps or other image editing software, it would be awesome btw) so it would be nice to add option for pivot point same as with frames. It would be similar to indesign scaling direction options.
2. There are nice keyboard shortcuts for image moving and scaling: alt,shit,ctrl+arrows. With frames these keys work perfectly and predictable but as image has pivot permanently set to left-top I usually have to resize-move-resize combination to get cropping right. Adding pivot option would solve that.
3. It's possible to type in coordinates to reset image position, but it would be nice to have "reset position" option. After adding pivot option it will also work as "center image".

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Eneen, I agree that working with images could be improved.

I have some comments (apologies in advance if I've misunderstood what you've said):

1.a. Could you explain what you mean by a "virtual frame" please? I'm not sure what you mean but it sounds interesting. I have something in my mind's eye but it might not be the same as what you mean. I've attached a very crude video of what I'm thinking of where the black outline is the image frame and the red outline is the "virtual frame".
1.b. I agree that it would be nice if the Basepoint - I'm assuming this is what you mean by a "pivot point" - (as set in PP/X,Y,Z) could be moved (on every object) to wherever the user wanted rather than it just being a corner or the centre.
1.c. I also agree that it would be good if the image could have a pivot point that was separate from the pivot point of the frame. That way, the image could be rotated without rotating the frame or the frame rotated while leaving the image in its original orientation.

2. Would it be possible for you to provide an example of what you mean by "resize-move-resize" please? I'm just trying to understand what you're trying to achieve versus what you're having to do currently.

3.a. I too would like some "reset" options for the image properties. Entering zeros and 100%s in the appropriate fields gives you the same thing but it's a bit lo-tech.
3.b. Currently, when you get a new image the position and size resets. Personally I'd like this feature to change so it doesn't reset - so I can substitute an image in exactly the same place without having to write down the offsets and zoom settings beforehand and then manually changing them after - but there has been discussion where some people like it to be automatically reset. If there was no automatic reset but a quick "reset button" was offered then this might be a good compromise.

After text I'd say that images are the next most important thing that Scribus does so more control over what happens to them would be better.

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Hi GarryP,

1.a. Your animated gif is exactly what I meant by "virtual frame", I'm not sure if name is ok though, maybe image transform frame?
1.b. To simplify wish I just meant same basepoint option as frames have, but of course free-selectable would be best
1.c. That's best option.

2. I will look for free animated gif tool to show, but in the meanwhile I hope description will be ok:
- Place frame, put image inside.
- Adjust frame proportions and size to fit with text nicely.
- Double click on the image, now to crop you have scale with alt+up,down but that way only right and bottom of the image will be cropped (as basepoint is set to top-left), so you have to move the image to the left and scale again to get proportional cropping right. Usually I repeat it 3 times. Here center basepoint as default would be better, but virtual frame scaling using e.g. mouse+alt+shift (or some shortcut keys) and selecting basepoint would be best solution ever.
Same thing with rotation, it's pretty awkward to rotate image with top-left basepoint...

3.a. Definitely
3.b. Button+document option "reset image scale after substitution" as default

Thanx alot for supporting idea!
Best regs.


1. I thought it might be something like that. It could be an extension to the current editing mode you get when you double-click on an image frame. Being able to scale using the handles would be nice. E.g. Drag the handles to resize the virtual frame, shift-drag to rescale the image. If a user-defined scale/rotation point is too difficult to implement then a separate Basepoint (as for the frame, like you say) would be a nice addition. "Image Transform Frame" sounds good.

2. I think I understand now. Yes, it's awkward having to keep moving the image around rather than it scaling/rotating about a given place such as the centre point.

SIDEBAR: Tool-wise, I've found LICEcap to be very useful for getting simple animated GIFs. It's only for Windows and OSX but the source code is there if anyone wants to make a Linux version.

3. I think more options to control images in general would be better but there are some people who prefer fewer options. Personally I'm in the "give me the options and I'll ignore what I don't need" camp but I understand that having too many options can be confusing for beginners. Swings and roundabouts.

Maybe someone else can come up with some other good ideas about image manipulation or some better ways of doing what is being discussed here.


@GarryP, would it be possible to add that feature req into tracker somehow? Your gif is showing everything except selection of basepoint (like in PS), maybe that idea could be added to roadmap that way...


Eneen, I'm sure it would be possible to add a feature request. You just need to sign up for a Mantis account and create one.

To help the developers it would be good if you can look at the existing tickets to make sure it's not already been requested before creating a new ticket. There might be an existing request that you can add some extra information to, or it might be possible to link two or more requests together. (Feel free to add a link to this forum thread if you think it will help to describe things better.)