Loss of formatting on form fields when exporting to PDF

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Apologies if this has already been asked, but I cannot find it in the forum!

I have created a document in scribus 1.4.4 and added 3 text form items. these has a set formatting with a particular font size and a centre justification, however when I export to PDF the font in the text item returns to the default font and left justification in the produced PDF document. Is there a way to make the PDF document maintain the original formatting as set in Scribus?

Thanks in advance for any help



From what I understand from earlier questions that depends on how PDF forms work, or it may depend on the PDF viewer used.

Either PDF Forms do not have properties for font choice or adjustment, or the viewer used may not use those properties.

Of course it may be that Scribus doesn't set those properties, but I doubt that's the problem.