Mismatch in PDF page size

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I have made a document with Scribus.
The paper should be 45x32cm.

I made the document 450mm x 320mm in "page format" and I generated the PDF for printing.

When I open the document with a PDF viewer (the one from Gnome) and I look at the properties of the document, I see 464 × 334 mm.

Can you explain me if I do something wrong or if this is a bug?
I use scribus 1.4.3.
I attached a test case and the PDF.

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hi ofaurax

if you need the information, color bars, registration and crop marks, the .pdf file is a couple of millimeters higher and wider. (ar would you like to see this junk on the final document?)

btw: do you really need all this stuff?



To clarify: Cropmarks and similar stuff is placed OUTSIDE the page. If you cut the page according to the crop marks you will end up with your set page size.

Since you don't seem to understand that part, you probably don't need all those marks, so just clear out everything in the Printer Marks section and set bleed to 0 on all sides.

This is a matter of the difference between a page and the sheet of paper the page is printed on. In most commercial printing, pages are printed imposed on large sheets, folded and then cut to size. Printing on a sheet larger than the page and then cutting to size is also generally necessary if you want anything to extend all the way to the edge of the page, because most printers can not print all the way to all edges.