Interactive PDF on phone etc. Erroneous floating black boxes

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Hi, Newbie here, I won't deny that.

I'm getting a weird error/ miss-configuration of "Text Fields" when using interactive PDFs with my phone ( using the Adobe Reader APP ).  I'm getting weird floating box shadows that I can't seem to remove. Anyone know what this might be? Have I set up my text Fields incorrectly?
I've attached a screenshot of my phone for reference.

This error doesn't happen on Windows/ Linux etc. which makes me think it may not be something iv'e done... but im not ready to rule that out yet.

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I'm seeing this behavior on tablets as well. Nexus 7 and iPad using Adobe Reader and Dropbox's default PDF previewer.

Using Scribus 1.4.4 Win7/64 bit build. I've tried exporting in 1.3/1.4/1.5 formats with no changes.

I've attached a very simple test case, literally a single form field on a blank page.

Work-around: editing the file in Adobe Reader IX, placing a single space in the text field(s), and saving the result seems to force correct display. Seems very much a kludge though.

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